Modern cybersecurity needs to be phishing-resistant, but it also needs to incorporate a great user experience for employees, IT teams and customers. We know traditional authentication methods are not user-friendly, but they are not secure and vulnerable to most attacks  – in fact, 59% of people still rely on username and password to authenticate while the root cause of 81% of security breaches are stolen credentials. These traditional methods have not proven effective against bad actors, and selecting a modern authentication solution that is easy to adopt at scale is more critical than ever. 

Yubico and Okta have been partnering together for years with this shared goal in mind – offering the best-in-class strong authentication solution – for organizations of any size or complexity. The long-running, trusted partnership that we have built is unique in that, together, we have created innovative solutions that solve the most complex challenges for our customers so they can rest assured that they are protected against the most modern phishing attacks. 

With Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), users are able to securely log in to Okta’s platform with a YubiKey using either the Yubico One Time Password (OTP) or FIDO2/WebAuthn passkeys. The YubiKey and Okta Adaptive MFA provide the strongest level of identity assurance and defense against phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, while also delivering a simple and seamless user experience – all with just the touch of the device. YubiKey security keys can be used as the primary, step-up, or backup authentication method in conjunction with Okta Adaptive MFA, ensuring secure user access at all times.

Stephen Lee, VP, Technical Strategy and Partnerships at Okta, had this to say about our work together: “Yubico, when combined with Okta Adaptive MFA, have raised the bar by offering a robust phishing-resistant MFA solution that stops account takeovers and provides a great, seamless user experience. By using YubiKeys and Okta, customers have the security and flexibility needed to protect their enterprise resources and safeguard the most critical assets – giving unmatched security and peace of mind while having the convenience of complete control over identities.”

The best part? Customers can have access from anywhere – whether you’re on the go or working from home. With the YubiKey 5 Series that leverages modern authentication protocols such as FIDO2 WebAuthn, it is now possible to move towards a passwordless future.

Moving to a passwordless and phishing-resistant future with passkeys is a journey, not an overnight transition. The reality is that most organizations have IT systems that will continue to require support for legacy authentication protocols. However, as we continue seeing cyberattacks become more sophisticated and proliferated globally, we’re seeing moves toward adopting modern phishing-resistant solutions becoming critical, if not mandatory. This can be seen in Executive Order 14028 on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and the OMB Memo M-22-09 detailing the requirement for federal business to implement phishing-resistant MFA as part of deploying Zero Trust Architecture to protect the supply chain.

Together, with Okta, we will continue to work towards enabling companies of all sizes to adopt a more robust security posture – making the journey and adoption toward modern MFA and phishing-resistance as easy as possible for the IT professional all the way to the end-user.  

If you’re heading to Oktane this year from October 3-5, be sure to visit the Yubico booth and learn more about our partnership with Okta, latest news, and how our phishing-resistant authentication solutions can protect your organization from cyber threats at scale. 

Learn more about how the Yubico and Okta partnership can help your business here. Feel free to get in touch with Yubico directly with any questions here.

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