About Us

VAULTUM CITY is an innovative provider of encryption solutions & storage solutions that aims to revolutionize the way electronics work and how they in cooperate security into our lifestyles. With products that include the world’s leading technology & solutions, we aim to provide our customers security in a seamless manner to accelerate and elevate productivity in every security solution that they need.

Our products include the world’s leading FIPS Certified hardware-encrypted USB drives, SSD, mobile HDD, and cloud-based or on-premise centralized secure device management solutions. These combined closed-loop management process from design, manufacturing, and distribution ensures the highest levels of production quality while maintaining a cost-effective price point for consumers.

Values and Principles


We uphold the virtue of honesty at work, internally and externally. We seek to constantly maintain professional integrity despite facing critical decisions while approaching or serving clients.

Research & Development

With the strong support of an imaginative & IT security insightful Research & Development team standing behind the brand, Vaultum is committed to never-follow but always-lead business principle.


Always striving to be the best, we continuously benchmark our performance against the very best internally and externally. Vaultum is built on unwavering will and dedication to be on top of worldwide industry.


Industrial and technological advancements make our lives better, but also have a big impact on the environment. Vaultum takes great measures to ensure our power supplies greatly reduces the amount of electricity that a computer consumes.

Customer Service

Customers are our greatest asset and we do not take that for granted. That is why Vaultum is the industry leader in customer service & support and features an industry-leading, no-hassle warranty, even on most OEM parts.