Today, May 2nd, is World Password Day. Each year, this serves as an annual reminder to take action and steps to  ensure our digital lives are secure. Now, more than ever with data breaches relying on poor password management to gain access to sensitive data, this day has become a cornerstone in promoting cybersecurity awareness by underscoring the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional password-based security. 

Passwords, while being the most common form of authentication, are also their weakest link. They are often easily guessed, reused across multiple sites, or stolen through phishing attacks. The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report highlighted that 49% of breaches involved credential data and that phishing continues to be one of the most common tools for stealing these credentials. Password-dependent security frameworks are inherently weak and vulnerable to attacks, which can lead to unauthorized access and catastrophic data breaches.

As we regularly update you on our most popular and newest listings in the catalog, we’re delighted to turn the Works with YubiKey spotlight onto our collaboration with Microsoft and show you how our joint solution works effortlessly to make security both robust and user-friendly. If you are new to this blog series, the Works with YubiKey catalog is designed with all users in mind and serves as a resource for individuals and organizations to identify the range of applications, devices, and services they use everyday can be secured with the Zero Trust, phishing-resistant, multi-factor authentication power of the YubiKey.

Popular Listings

New Listings

We encourage you to explore the catalog, discover the range of listings, and experience the security and convenience that YubiKey brings to your digital life. Join us on our mission to secure the digital landscape, one login at a time. 

Answer the call – list your integrated solutions in the Works with YubiKey catalog! If you are responsible for solutions that integrate with the YubiKey and those solutions are not yet listed in our catalog, we invite you to feature those and join a movement that prioritizes security and user experience. By becoming part of the Works with YubiKey catalog, you contribute to a safer digital world while unlocking new opportunities and markets.

We at Yubico are working to give the world a significant leap forward in security protocols, user authentication processes, and overall digital safety. Through our growing ecosystem of integrations in the Works with YubiKey catalog, we will continue our work to secure you with robust, user-friendly, and easily adoptable multi-factor and passwordless authentication methods. 

Our goal is to go beyond just enhancing security, but promote trust and confidence among users in their daily digital interactions. This, in turn, will foster a more secure online environment, reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

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