In the ever-evolving digital landscape, safeguarding online identities has become more critical than ever. As we navigate a world filled with accounts, passwords and sensitive information, the need for robust security solutions that center around the user is paramount.

Traditionally, the way to gain access to various online sites and services has only been through  something you know: a username and password. To help keep those usernames and passwords more secure and easily accessible, online password managers became a prolific part of the ongoing digital revolution. Instead of trying to memorize hundreds of passwords or writing them down on unsecure sticky notes strewn about, users have one primary tool that securely accesses them all. But, by just using a username and password to secure that tool, you’re putting all of your personal data and information at risk of being compromised. This is why it’s important to also require something you both are and have into the authentication process.

With phishing attacks becoming more and more prolific and complex in nature, it is important to utilize the highest level of security for your password manager. A YubiKey assures that even if someone has access to your primary key (a password manager), they can’t get through the vault door (access your individual accounts) without the critical thing that you have: the YubiKey, the gold standard for phishing-resistant authentication. This two-step process ensures that only you can access your valuable information and is a powerful combination of convenience and security.

Yubico works closely with the most popular password managers in the market today to ensure that the use of the YubiKey works seamlessly with their services. Password managers that deliver centralized storage, the ability to create strong, unique passwords and auto-fill magic for your login details recognize the value the YubiKey delivers for strong, phishing-resistant, authentication to their service. 

Below are just a few of the many password managers that you can use to keep your login credentials secure:


We encourage you to explore the Works with YubiKey catalog, discover the range of listings, and experience the security and convenience that YubiKey brings to your digital life. 

Answer the call – list your integrated solutions in the Works with YubiKey catalog! If you are responsible for solutions that integrate with the YubiKey and those solutions are not yet listed in our catalog, we invite you to feature those and join a movement that prioritizes security and user experience. By becoming part of the Works with YubiKey catalog, you contribute to a safer digital world while unlocking new opportunities and markets.

Through our growing ecosystem of integrations in the Works with YubiKey catalog, we continue our work to secure you with robust, user-friendly, and easily adoptable multi-factor and passwordless authentication methods. Our goal is to go beyond just enhancing security by fostering a more secure online environment free from data breaches and cyber attacks that promotes trust and confidence among users in their daily digital interactions.

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