For some people, the pandemic has turned their life upside down. They are ‘forced’ to turn to the internet for their medium of communication. Their communication method is hugely revolutionized. Simple daily activities which were previously done in face-to-face setting, has turned into online activities. Ordering your food, buying your television, attending seminar, and even celebrating birthdays and New Year with family and acquaintances are now easily done using the internet.

Unfortunately, this digital transformation also lured criminals to attack your online accounts. The fact that many people are indifferent about this threat is not helping either. Not only individuals, but even companies also lack the strategic mindset and tools to prepare themselves against cyber attacks. Cyber risk is often perceived as an IT (Information Technology) problem rather than a business problem although it will hugely impact their business.


The massive growth of internet usage means more opportunities for cyber criminals. The pandemic is not only influencing people’s live, but it also brings us the Cyber Pandemic. Even non profit organizations such as WHO has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cyber attacks directed at its staffs, reporting fivefold increase than it was before the pandemic. Scammers impersonated WHO and targeted email recipients to channel donation to a fictitious fund.


MFA Authentication to Enhance Account Security

Strong authentication system has become the necessary step for any organizations. Your company will be only as strong as your weakest link. Unfortunately, employees are a major access point for cyber attackers. Inadequate information and lack awareness of MFA’s importance by the employees has put organizations into a dangerous position.


With so many staffs are now working from home, organizations must put extra security measures to inhibit cyber attacks. All too often, staffs are using residential wifi routers that offer lesser protection compared to enterprise grade wifi-routers, leaving them susceptible for data breach.


MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) drastically increase your employee’s account security by employing two or more verification factors when accessing an apps, online accounts, etc. More than just username and password which is very vulnerable to brute force attack and stolen by third parties, MFA allows your organization to stay safe from cyber criminals.

Yubikey as Phising-Resistant Authentication Key

Now you can secure your account easily using our Yubikey 5 series. Yubikey 5 Series allow you to combine hardware authenticator with a PIN as multiple guards against phising and account takeovers.


As the number one key for strong two factor, multi factor and passwordless authentication, Yubikey is easy to deploy using both legacy and modern environment. Its small size makes it very practical to carry along with your key chain. Yubikeyhas a full range of form factors to secure your accounts on all devices that you choose, both mobile and desktop.


Keeping your company safe from cyber attacks is like a never-ending race with criminals. Fortunately, you are already one step ahead at this game by applying the strong MFA solution using Yubikey.