Security of your corporate IT environment is becoming more urgent than any other priorities ever. A security breach can cost your organization an unimaginable price. Worry no more, SVNova consult and offer a rich set of top security solutions to protect every aspect of your IT infrastructure, increasing the ratio for your overall security benchmark to meet highest security standards…

Privileged Access Monitoring

Centrally managed inline appliance or virtual appliance to monitor, audit and control encrypted SSH, SFTP and RDP sessions without having to deploy agents or change end user experience, preventing any accidental or deliberate system harm.

Network Access Control

Strengthen network with the mandatory extra layer of protection for all existing security policies. Allows the Network Administrator to configure access parameters for the physical network ports and determine which devices are allowed.

Syslog Management

Reliably and securely collect, process and store log messages from across the whole IT environment – syslog messages are generated from mobile apps, internet banking, ATM and backend DB every minute.

Web Session Protection

Our solution serves as a proxy and enforces a unified and centralized armored-browser interface for the user to access the critical information of the bank, all data of the working session is now thoroughly secured .

DataBase Firewall

Our solutions provide DB security, caching, virtual patching, masking. It comes in both software as well as hardware appliances that are packed with automatic SQL query learning for adaptive profiling and secured protection to your DB.

The OLYMPIC Banking System

The OLYMPIC Banking System, as an integrated and real-time banking and asset/wealth management software solution, is acknowledged as the most comprehensive package on the market. In constant evolution, it provides extensive coverage of Front-, Middle- and Back-office functions, for the most demanding banking and financial institutions, including of course e-Banking , Mobile Banking and e-Brokerage services. Find out more >>

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