Legacy multi-factor authentication (MFA) has not worked against modern cyber threats due to inability to stop phishing and other account takeovers. Modern MFA, such as YubiKeys, have been proven to stop phishing attacks and account takeovers in their tracks. 

Only solutions based on Smart card/PIV or FIDO protocols are truly phishing-resistant because they require each party to provide evidence of their identity, but also to communicate their intention to initiate through deliberate action. Legacy approaches like SMS, One-time passwords (OTPs) and mobile push apps don’t work as they are all susceptible to most cyberattacks like phishing.

Below are five ways Yubico can help your business implement phishing-resistant security keys easily and efficiently.


Think you can’t afford phishing-resistant hardware security keys?

With YubiEnterprise Subscription you can get leading authentication for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month per user, and easily upgrade to the latest YubiKeys. Calculate your own potential savings and see the business value of YubiKeys.

Trying to figure out how to handle business churn?

YubiEnterprise Subscription includes an additional 25% of YubiKey entitlements per year to address employee turnover, lost keys, and upgrade requests. As your business evolves, we can help you navigate these scenarios.


What if my users just don’t like YubiKeys and don’t want to carry one more thing?

YubiKeys are used by millions of consumers and thousands of businesses around the world. Leading publications give YubiKeys strong reviews, and well-known and respected brands such as Hyatt and Google use YubiKeys to provide strong security without making it difficult and cumbersome for users.

We all carry keys and a wallet. Wouldn’t you be open to carrying one more thing if it protected you from losing your online identity? YubiKeys can.

In fact, a recent Yubico survey looking at the top global authentication trends found that within the last 2 years, nearly 40% of respondents admitted to having broken their mobile phone and nearly 30% having lost it. As referenced earlier, mobile phones are a device organizations commonly use to authenticate either via SMS, mobile authentication apps or OTPs, and when lost it’s much more expensive to replace a phone than a YubiKey.

Wondering what happens when users lose their YubiKeys?

This is our most frequently asked question! Think of your YubiKey as a debit card. Just as there are processes in place when you misplace your debit card, similarly, processes exist if you lose your YubiKey. 

The services you’re using the YubiKey with will typically have alternative authentication mechanisms which allow users to regain access to the account and de-associate the lost YubiKey from your account. You can then register another YubiKey to your account. Most services allow users to configure multiple YubiKeys with their account, so we highly recommend a primary and a backup YubiKey, just like you have for your house or car!

Worried about how to drive user adoption on new technology?

YubiKeys are super simple to use. Yubico can provide set up instructions for your users and get them familiar with the why and the how of modern strong authentication that protects their personal and work accounts and stops them being easy targets.


Want to get keys out to users globally?

YubiEnterprise Delivery can help you get keys out to 49 countries around the world to corporate and residential addresses. Let us take care of all the logistics. See how customer BeyondTrust was able to accelerate security to combat emerging threat vectors.

Wondering where to store all the keys?

With YubiEnterprise Delivery, you can order keys as and when you need them. We can help you with inventory management so that you don’t have to worry about finding space for your new keys.


Have a hybrid, complex environment and don’t know where to start?

YubiKeys work out of the box with over 700 on-premises and cloud applications and services, including Microsoft, Okta, Ping and Duo/Cisco environments. This means a low-touch deployment for IT. YubiKeys are also highly self-service with no need for IT to individually provision YubiKeys for each user, unlike older archaic deployment models.


Trying to figure out how to deploy and manage YubiKeys?

Our experts can provide turnkey services and guidance to easily deploy YubiKeys through your organization, from key registration to establishing ongoing key management policies, to user training and support, all the way to reporting.

Have any further questions about modern Smart Card/FIDO-based security keys and how to get started deploying YubiKeys across your organization? Find out more about Yubico’s phishing-resistant MFA protection here or contact our sales team directly here.

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